AUCAA actively looks for sponsors to contribute to AUCAA’s cause. Students at AUC are taught the ‘language of understanding’, a set of transferable skills that can be applied to any discipline. The internalization of these skills is embedded in the AUC curriculum. These transferable skills include verbal and written communication skills, problem-solving skills, and critical thinking. AUC alumni are known to think on their feet and pursue excellence in their career and other activities. The undergraduate education at AUC has proven to be of high quality, with students currently studying at top universities in the UK (including Oxford University, Cambridge University, the London School of Economics, University College London, and King’s College London) and in the USA (including Columbia University, Harvard and Georgetown University). Click on the world map below for more details. afbeelding 1_map_klein


We have one channel through which we communicate job and internship opportunities to our alumni which is an alumni newsletter which we send four to six times a year. We will be happy to put a link and a description of your initiative on our newsletter under certain conditions. The placement of advertisement in the newsletter is one of the ways to support our association. The funds that we get from our sponsors go to Amsterdam University College Scholarship Fund which supports current students with limited funds and to events organised for alumni. In return to becoming our supporter, we offer a package which includes advertisements in the newsletter, placement of the logo on the website under “partners” and posts on Linkedin, Facebook and other channels that we use. In this way, your organisation becomes a donator to the association.

Given the reach of the AUC Alumni Association is looking for sponsors that are either global partners or locally based to allow for recruitment and contact in the city of your choice. Should you be looking for potential employees in a certain area of interest or background, you can further narrow your search down to that.

The current network consists of eight cohorts of AUC graduates, totalling 1400+ alumni and will continue to grow to 2000+ alumni by 2022.