How do we see AUCAA?

At many points in our lives, we commit. Whether it be a job, a place, or a relationship. But there also comes a time when we leave those commitments behind. Think of places that you have ever lived in and left, projects that you have successfully completed, people that you have met in various settings but lost contact with. This counts towards an enormous amount of experience that you collect throughout your life. Your commitment to these tasks leaves a permanent mark on your life and the lives of people who are involved in it.

If you are receiving this letter, you have left, in some way or another, your own unique mark on AUC and the people there. You changed AUC, even if in some small a way, through your commitment to study there. You created an impressive and enormous network that reflects the identity of the AUC alumni association.

Through class notes and through social media, the AUCAA hears about the impressive things you are all doing. We are amazed by what you do, how you achieve your goals, and how you move towards your career aims. We also see exciting stories, adventures, volunteering experiences and travelling notes that reflect another side of the lives of our alumni, beyond professional growth. We are constantly reminded that AUCAA is a unique and diverse group of people spread across all continents. It is growing and it is becoming more and more impressive to see its development. Now we want YOU to take a more active role in its development, to become a bigger part of this growth and decide where YOU it to go.

What is our vision?

The new vision of AUCAA is to grant you, as alumni, a chance to shape the alumni community of AUC. It is you who reflects the successes of our alumni community, following a unique pathway after graduation, working, studying, travelling, volunteering, experimenting, committing to start ups, developing in the corporate industry and expanding your experiences. Taking a bird’s-eye view of what alumni do on a day-to-day basis uncovers an incredibly diverse community which could help us to realise a strong network of individuals interested in a shared, connected future.

What is our goal?

Our main goal as a Board is to represent and manage the organization, with the interests of our alumni at the heart. We aim to create a lifelong, international community of alumni through increased opportunities for meaningful engagement both within and outside AUC, thus increasing pride, participation, and philanthropic commitment. We are there to facilitate (and not determine) the mutual interest of all parties involved in our organization and provide range of opportunities for further development of a network.

How we are going to do that?

You may or may not have not heard about AUCAA, and its activities. We may or may not have not contacted you on behalf of the AUCAA Board. This has to do with the complexity of the outreach that we achieve through our channels. Currently, we are trying our best to reach you more regularly and provide you with an interesting content and reunion opportunities. In the near future, we will launch a series of interesting events and initiatives which reflect our new vision, including bi-montly borrels, homecomings, fundraising events and, of course, an AUCAA Lustrum.

We invite you to be part of our vision. We would love to hear your opinions, and we are open to the new ideas and opportunities you have to offer. To this end, we thank you for your interest, attention, and collaboration