For both our alumni and the third years currently at AUC, AUCAA is organising an evening full of little sneak peaks into the future as an AUC alumni. The event will take place on 29 March 2015 in Amsterdam´s CREA Café. It will consist of AUC alumni presenting (in short TEDx-style talks) their adventures that they have ventured on in their years after AUC. Some have done a gap year, some will have started careers, and some will present on their masters or PhDs. Some may decide to simply share their insights and realisations. The evening will round off with a borrel afterwards.

This is an event for both our alumni and soon-to-be-graduates. Attendees of ´Beyond the 6th Semester´ can come and see what their fellow alumni have been up to since graduation, or as a prospective alumni, they will get to hear from alumni stories (and advice) about life after AUC. The AUCAA Board is very happy to for the first time ever officially invite third-year students to an alumni event. We will continue in this direction also via our newly established junior membership project, as we find it crucial to facilitate links between students and alumni, and to ensure that third-year students transition smoothly and well-equipped into their lives post-AUC.