Find a message from the AUCSA Dormfest Team 2019 below:

AUCSA’s annual Dormfest festival will take place on Saturday, June 22 in the middle courtyard of the AUC Dorms. Alumni are welcome to enjoy a full day of festivities, music, food, and drinks to celebrate the end of academic year. As always, we bring you a wide variety of amazing activities, dazzling decorations, and mesmerizing musical performances that give you that true Dormfest vibe you keep coming back for. Of course, Dormfest would not be complete without a theme. This year, Dormfest presents: Funky Farm! Online ticket sales start mid-June. We would love to see you there to reconnect with your fellow alumni and to enjoy the funkiest Dormfest edition yet.

The AUCSA Dormfest Team 2019