Dear AUC staff, faculty members and Alumni,

The weather outside may be frightful, but this year’s Winter Formal will be most delightful! On behalf of the AUCSA, the Winter Formal Team of 2020 would like to invite all AUC faculty, staff and Alumni to celebrate the end of the fall semester at the Winter Formal 2020: Frozen in Time!

This year’s Winter Formal wiLl be inspired by the unprecedented year for us all, and now that we are nearing its end, we realize all the challenges we overcame. Even when we thought the semester would never end, as if time was frozen, this is a reminder that all circumstances bring us a gift.

On December 11th, the AUCSA is organizing the annual Winter Formal event and since we are asking all students to spend the night in their rooms watching a very special livestream, we want to invite you to join us as well!

You will get to enjoy the feeling of watching an artist perform live! However, since we have to adhere to corona regulations, this year we bring the performances to the comfort of your own home! You can enjoy some homegrown AUC talents in different performances such as dance, music and even stand up comedy!

Join us this special night from 19.00h onwards here!

Seeing that we are all part of the AUC community, we would love to celebrate the closing of 2020 together, both staff and (past)students. If you are interested in attending the Winter Formal livestream, please simply join via the following link in order to enjoy a gezellig night with us. We hope to see all of you there!

Kind regards,

The Winter Formal Team