We are currently looking for alumni who want to contribute to AUC’s alumni community on a regular basis as an official AUCAA Board member. As Board member, you will coordinate various tasks, projects and events for AUC graduates.

The AUCAA is an independent foundation that consists of five board members, and was set up in 2012 to strengthen the connection between AUC and its alumni, and to maintain an active alumni network. The chair and treasurer positions are filled by alumni and come with their own tasks and responsibilities. The treasurer position is currently open and will be filled by a new or current Board member. The fourth Board position is filled by an AUCSA Board member in the AUCAA Board, to bridge the gap between current students and alumni. The fifth and final Board member is the Alumni and External Relations Officer (AERO), a staff member of AUC’s management team. The AERO fills the secretary position in the Board.

What we are looking for in a Board member is the following:

  • Fresh and exciting ideas about AUC’s alumni community / events.
  • You can spend an average of 2-4 hours a week working on the AUCAA.
  • You live in the Netherlands, and are able to travel to AUC a few times throughout the year for events and/or meetings.
  • You are available for a period of 12 months (though you are welcome to stay longer).

What do you get out of it? Being an AUCAA Board member gives you the opportunity to give back to your alma mater and expand your network. Next to this, being a board member also gives you valuable and demonstrable experience in areas such as teamwork, project management, and external relations.

Interested? Please email your CV to info@aucaa.nl.

This vacancy is no longer active